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How to Find Your Best Clothing Colors

The key to knowing what colors look best on you is to understand your undertone.

There are only two undertones: warm and cool. Warm skin has a yellow or orange tint, while cool skin is tinted blue or pale pink. People with cool undertones tend to burn more easily in the sun, while people with warm undertones tend to get darker tans.

Next to consider is your skin’s shade. You will want to find clothes that have a contrast, so if you have light skin, you should favor darker colors in your clothes. While if you have darker skin, you may go in the opposite direction with lighter colors.

Last, it is a good idea to choose tops that match your eye color, as they can make your eyes pop a little more.

More Resources for Choosing Your Colors

There are lots of helpful articles online that can help you find the right strategy when picking clothes and putting together outfits.

Find Clothes That Match

Once you know the colors you want for your outfits, you can use Color To Color’s color picker to find specific colors or browse popular colors of the season.